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My Organized Mom

Every few months I get an email titled something like “Address List #4629”. That is how I know that someone in my extended family has relocated, has a new email or changed their phone number. My mom is the keeper of the address list. Every time there is a change she sends an updated version out to everyone in my extended family.

In the first week of October she asks my family for a Christmas list – and then by Christmas she has purchased, wrapped, and shipped a generous bounty to all of her kids, grandkids, extended family member and friends. My husband struggled with responding to the request for a Christmas list for the first few years of our marriage, but after receiving the gifts for a few years, it became very easy!

When I visit my parents on the Outer Banks in North Carolina, my ‘room’ is always made up perfectly, with flashlights, coasters, and a pen in the nightstand; toothpaste, soap, and extra toothbrushes in the bathroom; empty hangers in the closet waiting for me to unpack. Of course, a few weeks before we visit I get a request asking what food we want – so each morning I know I will find my grapefruit juice and fancy coffee.

My mom is the most organized person I know (followed closely by my sister). Last time I visited I asked her what she did in her downtime. When I have a few free hours I love to organize a closet, cull my son’s wardrobe, or find things that we don’t need any more and prepare a donation. She can’t do that because everything is already perfectly organized. (I actually felt a little bad that she can’t get the feeling of accomplishment that comes from those tasks – I guess that is what happens when you get really, really organized!)

So on this Mother’s Day I wanted to say thanks to the most organized mom in the world – thanks for providing me with a clean, calm and save place to grow up, and, for teaching me the principals of balanced living. Thanks Ma!

A place for everything and everything in its place!

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