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Knocking big projects down to size

Clutter begets clutter.

Growing piles of clutter feed our reluctance to deal with it. As it accumulates, the thought of tackling it and finding homes for every item becomes increasingly daunting until it is simply too overwhelming. When it gets to that point we need to find ways to break the task down into achievable steps. One way of doing that is by using a timer. You might not be able to solve all your clutter challenges in a day, but you can commit 20 minutes to it.

One of my favorite timers is the Time Timer. The Time Timers have a large red disc that provides a visual representation of the time that is passing. With a glance one can see how much time is left. In addition to using it with clients I have employed it with my son during screen time. My sister uses it so my nephews know how much time they have until they leave the house. This benefits people who respond better to visual stimulus versus a numeric one. (And I admit that I just have fun saying “Time Timer!”)

Using a timer helps some of my clients feel less pressure. Instead of trying to fix an entire room, they just are going to do 20 minutes of it. If used regularly, timers can help clients steadily move towards their de-cluttering goals. Frequently, because there is less stress, one 20-minute session turns into 2 or 3 sessions. (Organizing can be fun!)

The Time Timer is available in a number of sizes including a watch and a SmartPhone/iPad ap. To see options or order go to

(I just like this product! I have no affiliate relationship with the company and do not receive any compensation from sales generated through this post. That said, if you use one, I'd love to hear what you think!)

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