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Drawers! The New Bin?

When I have a space designated for something then I always know exactly where to find it and where to put it away. This is important for keeping things organized because it eliminates the decision making process of “what should I do with this?” However, if something belongs in a bin that is on the bottom of a stack of bins, then I may very well be tempted to just put it away later (which is how clutter happens!)

One way to avoid this problem is to use drawers. These can work very much like bins, but do not require things to be moved to access the items on the bottom. The drawers I like are clear and can be completely removed from the support. That way, you can take the drawer to a different room if need be, but then easily put it back at the bottom of the stack.

Another place that these drawers come in handy is for closets that have large spaces to hold relatively small things. For example, if you only have a linen closet with shelves that are 12” apart, and you need to store make-up there, chances are that you will only use the bottom 4” of the space, leaving 8” empty. Stacking drawers like this allow you to use all the vertical space. The drawers used in these images are from The Container Store. They are clear and come in 3 sizes:

7" x 13" x 4" h


8" x 14" x 5-1/4" h


14" sq. x 5-3/8" h


14" sq. x 8" h


(No incentive is received for promoting this product. I just like it!)

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