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Estate Clear Out
Because I am independent my services are flexible to best fit clients' needs and preferences. I recognize that dealing with the loss of the loved one or a major life transition involves complicated emotions. My goal is to provide clients peace-of-mind knowing that their items are being handled respectfully, in line with their wishes, and that privacy is guaranteed.
Depending on a client's preferences, items from estates such as these have been donated, consigned, shipped to family members, or dispersed through estate sales. 
Estate Clear Out
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Honoring Loved Ones
In one situation the deceased left a large collection of high-end shoes. She had been a size 5 and none of the local consignment stores felt they could sell the shoes in such a small size. The owner had been a great lover of animals. So, in agreement with my client, the woman's daughter, the shoes were donated to Animal Ark, a resale store that raises money for an animal shelter. While nothing is easy in this process, knowing that the collection went to benefit something her mother cared about brought her some solace.

As much as possible, I work with families to donate items to organizations that are in line with their loved one's interests and passions. 
Life Transition
A few years after her husband died, this client was ready to turn his space into hers. All items were sorted so her and her 4 adult children could choose the tools and memorabilia they wanted to keep. Everything else was sent to an off-site estate sale. Construction on this space and the rest of the lower level is scheduled to be completed by October 2021.
A Closet of Family History
Cedar storage closet containing decades of hand-made costumes and performance outfits. 
Photographs documenting the organized contents were sent to the descendent of the deceased.  
The client kept a few items and asked that the rest be donated to a school theater program. 
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