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Independent Organization (I organize for you!)
When accumulated clutter becomes overwhelming and you realize it will take more time to organize it than you want to give it, I can handle it. Once I have sorted items into labeled groups, you will be able to quickly decide what should be done with everything. I will follow your directions to discard, recycle, donate or relocate items so the piles just disappear. See work samples.

Home Clear-Out

I manage home clear-outs in the case of death or life transitions. This includes sorting everything in the home, and then retaining or disposing of items according to the wishes of the family. Loved ones are kept informed about what is happening with every item in the home through the use of digital communication, written summaries and photographs. Nothing leaves the home without the family's approval and all information is held strictly confidential. See work samples.
Moving Preparation and Household Set-Up
Moving into a new home is a complex project. I am an expert at managing moving details. I help clients de-clutter and purge, prepare their home for showings, pack items (often sorted for multiple destinations), and get set up quickly in their new home. See work samples.
One-on-One Organizing (I organize with you!)
I help clients articulate and implement organizational goals. This includes improving the effectiveness of storage or filing systems; reducing clutter to create comfortable, calm environments; repurposing space, and other activities that bring peace and harmony to your life. See work samples.

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