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*Presentations offered in-person or virtually.* 

*Let's find a format that works for your group!*

76% of people feel disorganized at home and 62% say their workspace is disorganized.

(Industry Statistics and Trends: The Impact of NAPO, 2016. Information & Research Committee (IRC), National Association of Professional Organizers.)

If your group or team members:

  • Struggle with too much clutter at home or work.

  • Get overwhelmed by piles of paper.

  • Lose track of their work or family schedule.

They are ready for an engaging presentation about overcoming these common challenges. You can choose from topics below or I am happy to tailor a presentation to your group’s specific interests.

Gems, Junk & Home Management

Are things your members don't need mixed in with their awesome stuff? Are they frustrated when they can't find things? Do they wish their households would run smoother? This presentation covers all of that and more. Participants leave with new processes to help them:

  • Identify what items merit space in the home.

  • Assign every item a space to make finding, and putting away, easy.

  • Use routines to avoid "MOM, where are my shoes?" moments.

  • Know how to keep old things out of landfills. 

  • Utilize ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ storage to their best benefit.

Upsizing, Downsizing and Rightsizing: Preparing homes for transition.

Is your group ready to upsize, downsize or rightsize? People relocate for many reasons – happy occasions like marriage, a baby or career change; and tough ones like death, divorce or changing physical abilities. Whatever the reason, moves are stressful! This presentation covers ways to make their move as stressless as possible, including:


  • Learning a system for knowing what to keep, toss, and how to tell the difference.

  • Creating a timeline that keeps everything on schedule and manageable. 

  • Knowing when to hire professionals and how to select them.

  • Building a checklist for the day of the move.

  • How to decide if they should include the family or send them to the relatives. 

Papers, Piles & Post-its

Do the people in your group get stressed over piles of paper littering their home or office? Did you know that 80% of papers are never seen again? What a waste of good file drawers! Help your group learn how to conquer paper accumulation with solutions for all types of working styles.


Your group will:

  • Know what needs to be saved and filed.

  • Design a file system so things can be found.

  • Understand how to replicate a paper filing system for digital records. 

Your group will have the tools to be more organized, better time managers, and more peaceful at home. As a result, they will have less stress, more free time and overall feel better about themselves and their life!

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Cred: 15 years experience of speaking to groups has given me the ability to address any size or type of group. 

Partial Client List: The Social Process (3M Presentation), LDA Minnesota, Augsburg College, Hamline University, Minneapolis Uptown Rotary, Carleton College, and a variety of churches and professional conferences. 

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