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Room to Grow


At 10 years old, this client was not completely done with her doll collection, but her interests were changing. After sorting all the dolls, clothes and playsets, she decided what she wanted to donate, store, and keep out. The edited play space allows room for new interests without pressuring her to give up her love of dolls.


I learned A LOT about American Girl Dolls – and often caught myself thinking “Does this outfit come in my size?”

Youth Bedroom

Two young, energetic brothers share this room. The closet was used primarily for toy storage. Although clothes could be hung inside, the bar was too high to reach. The dresser was used for clothing but without doors the clothes fell out and made a mess. The closet had a small rack of wire shelves that were not conducive to storing books or small items. We needed solutions that would make staying organized almost as easy as not being organized.​​
Inexpensive, large under-the-bed clear storage bins, without lids, allow easy access to toys and a quick pick-up option. ​
Installing a low bar for hanging clothes in the closet eliminated mom's frustration with neatly folded clothes falling out of the dresser. ​
One of the boys is very attached to his large collection of stuffed animals. While he does not play with them often he is not ready to let them go. Displaying them on the higher shelf in the closet keeps them off the floor and out of the way while respecting the child's attachment.​
​Converting the dresser to a bookshelf visually showcased their reading material encouraging them to read and provided space to display favorite items that highlight the boys' skills and accomplishments.
Client Feedback: "The kids were so excited and they found things to play with that they forgot they even had, so instead of feeling like they lost things, they actually feel like they have new toys and books! Very clever use of space Christine! Thank you SO much!"

Family Paperwork

Youth Bedroom

The challenge for this 6-year-old’s room was to store all his toys, books and clothes in a small space while giving it a youthful but calm feeling. While the existing metal shelving was effective toy storage, it felt industrial and added to the space’s visual clutter. Since his toy collection is larger than his wardrobe, we moved his clothes to a dresser and converted the closet to toy storage. Using the closet shelves keeps the toys accessible but out of the way while giving the room a calmer, streamlined appearance.


Finding Space

Three generations sharing a lovely older home left no room for an office. Things that may have been filed or used in an office ended up on a table in the basement. Making the best of a tight spot, I used Elfa (The Container Store) drawer units to give things in the basement specific home. Adding the desk provided a clean, organized work space available for studying, working, or just surfing the web. 
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