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Little Free Libraries

While the heavy rains have soaked at least two of my clients’ basements, it just made mine really humid. I had a pile of books and a good intention of selling them to used book seller who I expected to give me about a quarter a piece, but with the humidity my intentions turned to images of house centipedes starting a colony in the moist safety of my books.

My client today canceled due to a mudslide at her office (there really has been a lot of rain) giving me time to contemplate this. I thought about the $4 that I might receive from a book seller and how that would feel. I wasn’t very motivated.​

What could I do that would be worth more than $4 to me? Basically, anything that might make people smile one more time during their day is worth well over $4 to me, so I decided to stock all the Little Free Libraries in the neighborhood. Rufus, our black lab was thrilled to accompanied me to the Little Free Library just down the block, and my son helped me fill up the one at his school.

This was fun and much more fulfilling than walking out of Half-Priced Books with an extra $4 for $200 worth of books. An afternoon well spent!

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