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The Weekly Wow

​The Target weekly flyer always includes the ‘Weekly Wow’, which offers a great deal on some item, frequently something that is practical to stock up on. Saving money is great, but is it worth giving up space in your home to store it?

If you have plenty of extra space then it probably is. But if your home is already filled with your things, or if you get frustrated looking for things because there is so much to look through – it is time to ask yourself if it is worth the few dollars you save.

Consider your closet. If you have 15 items in it you will be able to find each one with no problem because they will all be visible and accessible. If you live in an old home with tiny closets (like mine) and you have 100 items in the closet, chances are you will spend a bit of time looking for a specific item. (And every now and then you will find something you had forgot you ever owned – hopefully before you purchase a duplicate of it!)

Your house, office or pantry is the same way. The more items you have the more you have to keep organized. So while a sale might save you money, stocking up on things will tax your available storage space making things harder to keep organized. Is it worth saving a few bucks if it increases your stress levels?

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