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Finding Vertical Space

Most of us have things that are meaningful to us but that we might not need to see all the time. For example, I frequently find paintings that clients made with friends at wine-n-paint events. While they evoke wonderful memories, the paintings might not be masterpieces – so what to do with it?

There are a lot of places you can hang things besides your living or dining room. I often suggest such things are hung on a closet wall or in the garage. We see our garages just about every day – so the painting gets displayed where it will be enjoyed often, but it is not out for everyone who stops by to view.


Another space I love to use is the inside of cabinet doors. I was at a client’s who had so many photos of the grandkids on the refrigerator that it looked cluttered, but each one was a special treasure! The solution was to tape the pictures up inside a few kitchen cabinets. There, she saw the photos often, but they did not add any visual clutter to her space.


Kitchen cabinets are also great for hanging pot lids, containers to hold small things, or notes that you don’t want to lose. I have a specific cabinet with a list of family and friends’ birthdays inside, as well as things that I will simply never remember – when I renewed the dogs’ licenses, winter parking restrictions, how long my dental plan lasts, etc.


Over the door shoe organizers are great for hiding extra pairs of shoes behind a door, but can also house craft supplies, cleaning products, accessories, or almost anything. Many of them are clear making it easy to see what is inside each pocket. One client even used it as their monthly filing system – bills were in one pocket, bank statements in another, things to file in one, etc. Because they are behind a door, everything stays out of sight, but are easy to access when needed. 


I personally like to keep my active paper files on the back of my office door. The door is rarely closed so I don’t see them, but I always know where the most important and relevant documents are. Right now, there is a pocket for active client files, donation receipts, my son’s college search, and household plans.


Sometimes untraditional spaces are great options for keeping things that are important but do not need to be visible all the time. Other times, they are great for keeping things that you do want to see but you might not need every visitor to see. Lastly, these spaces can increase storage capacity and access for common go-to items. Don’t forget to take full advantage of these options!

Jake and Rufus approve of hanging pot lids inside the cabinet door.


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