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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

​The State Fair started today! I love the state fair. I mean I really love the State Fair. It is an annual family outing that we won’t miss. It is a tradition that started when my son was 6 months old (and we have annual family photos in pig ears to prove we haven’t missed a year!)

But one aspect of the fair makes me cringe – all the free stuff. Tote bags, pens, bandanas, notepads, magnets, jar openers, frisbees… I understand that a positive emotional charge is triggered in the brain when we find a good deal or get something for free, and because of this, it can be really hard to pass up that bowl of free Amica keychains or State Farm Insurance rice spoons. But remember that eventually, these items will become clutter. If you struggle with decision making, then consider that each item you bring home will require you to make a decision at some time. Do you need 14 computer screen wipes? Five plastic bandaid holders? Or more yard sticks?

While a pen seems like an insignificant object, you probably already have plenty at home. When you bring home more than you need it clogs up the junk drawer and you’ll spend more time searching for your bike lock key, the tiny screwdriver needed to fix glasses, or whatever lingers in the bottom of your pen drawer.

Focus on the experience – watching the butter sculptures rotate, seeing the largest pig, watching the miracle of birth, and seeing the dogs at the Purina Pet Center (where they might have free treats to take home for your pets – if it is eaten within 24 hours of the fair, it doesn’t count as clutter!)

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