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Baseball is killing my garden!

I was filling out the monthly questionnaire before meeting with Elizabeth Hagen, my mentor and coach. The questions are a way for me to check in on my business – what my goals are and what I am doing to reach them, etc. One question asks what challenges I am facing at the moment. This was my response:

Time Time Time Time! My son’s baseball eats up all my free time. Tonight, tomorrow and Friday, we have games that we need leave for at 4:30; so I leave a client's in a hurry to get home, then grab some dinner and make him eat something, then drive sometimes an hour away, play a 6:00 game, and then don’t get home until 8 at 9 when we get ready for bed. Weekend tournaments start on Friday night, run through Saturday, and if they win, includes Sunday. Any spare time is spent doing laundry (usually baseball pants and jerseys!) and trying to keep up with the dishes and vacuum up the dog hair! There is no time to focus on my business!

After completing other questions I got to the last one that asks what I am doing for myself. Specifically, it asks me to identify one fun thing I will do in the following month. Answering this was easy! I will be spending evenings outside with a group of parents I enjoy, watching team of kids participate in a sport they love. My response was:

You know, as stressed out as baseball season is making me, what wonderful, wonderful problems to have! I have this beautiful son who is social and driven and talented; and business is keeping me busy. Really, I can't complain. I feel like my house isn't clean and my gardens are not weeded and we are not eating the most healthily, but what a wonderful life I have.

Yes, my yard is filled with Creeping Charlie and Clover, and my gardens are in dire need of weeding, but when I sit on my deathbed, I don’t think I will remember that. I will, however, remember the relationship I have with my son. And I will be grateful!


As I get ready to post this all of Elliot's gear is laid out on the couch. We need to leave in an hour for noon game in Cottage Grove. Then he has a 5 o'clock game, and another one at 8:30 AM tomorrow. If they win these we will have more tomorrow. I need to hit 'post' so I can start to gather the sunscreen, bug spray, folding chairs, sun flower seeds, camera, Gatorade, and a few LaCroix for me. It is a gorgeous day outside and I get to enjoy all of it!

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