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Border Collies and Black Labs. How do you organize?

I love dogs and when I think of a black lab I imagine an energetic dog chasing seagulls on the beach, playing fetch in a big park, or chasing small animals on a farm.

My black lab, on the other hand, isn’t like that at all. Rufus is the laziest lab I have ever known. His health and weight is fine, he just prefers sleeping on the couch, snuggled with my son, husband or I. When he gets really excited he might run around the back yard really fast, two times. Then he is done, ready for a break.

At the dog park, while other dogs are roughhousing and chasing each other, he is happy to lay down - or jump into the lap of some unsuspecting dog owner sitting on a bench.

We love our big, lazy dog very much. He is different from our other dogs, but not in a good or bad way. Just different. This is similar to how people organize. Some people like to dive in with the drive of the Border Collie, getting all the sheep perfectly lined up and not stopping until it is perfect. Then there is the Golden Retriever approach for the person who really just wants to be outside playing and isn’t bothered by clutter.

There is not a ‘right’ approach to organizing. But it does make sense to consider your natural approach to organizing as you plan your projects. If your energy levels tops out after two laps around the back yard, maybe you organize in sprints – just 20 to 30 minutes every day. Or, if you are more of a Border Collie when it comes to organizing, you might want to plan one whole day and get the job done. Or, be a Golden and go about it as the mood hits you. Provided that your approach will get you the results you want, any of these approaches can work.

If your approach doesn't get you the results you want, there are many organizers who would be happy to help!

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