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Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks...

Baseball season has started!

I used to know nothing about sports. Really. I couldn’t tell a field goal from goal post. You could have told me the 7th inning stretch happened during half-time and that Brett Favre was the world’s greatest home run hitter. I would have believed you. Then I became a mom.

In 2010, Elliot had just turned 4 and the Twins’ new stadium just opened. The team hosted ‘International Adoptee Day’ - a perfect event for our adoptive family playgroup. Little did I know that the day would change my life, forever. The very next day my son had to play baseball. We got the big plastic bat and a few whiffle balls thinking this phase would come and go. But it did not go. It stayed. We signed him up for T-ball, but it was a gateway activity! Things quickly spiraled. Soccer, swimming, baseball, skiing, basketball, flag football. And in his spare time he learned to jump rope on a pogo-stick!

This summer marks Elliot’s 7th baseball season and his 2nd year on a traveling team. He will have practices or games 4 – 5 times a week and participate in four multi-day tournaments. Sitting through multiple 2-hour games (sometimes two in one day, and sometimes 2 or 3 days in a row), my husband and I will bond with his teammates’ parents who have also found themselves softening baseball gloves, learning that a batting glove is also a must-have, and pondering if it is ok to have fold-up chair envy at our age.

With 7 years experience I feel I have earned the title of accomplished baseball parent. I take this honor seriously, knowing it has been hard earned speeding to games in far out suburbia during rush hour; huddling in blankets on the sidelines while it snows; wondering how much water needs to be standing on the field for a ref to finally call the game; and of course, scrubbing hands raw trying to get stains out of baseball pants. (Minneapolis Millers – I love you, but does the uniform really need white pants?)

Practice has started and games are just a week away, so it is time for me to get my baseball survival kit together! Here is my list:

In the car:

Waterproof blanket.

Warm blanket.

Bug spray.

Hand sanitizer.


Ice packs.


Warm hat and gloves. (for me & player)

Hat with strap.


Cooling towel. (for player)

Basic first aid kit.

Aspirin. (for me, coach, ref, …)

At home:


Good thermos/water bottle. (for me and my player)

Sports drinks.

Quick dinners and high protein snacks. (for before evening practices/games)

Game snacks. (for me and my player) Must have Sun Flower Seeds!

Oxyclean and/or Borax. (It really works on uniforms!)

Of course your family and player has unique needs, but I have found that this kit keeps me prepared for almost anything the weather or the game (or my kid) can throw at me.

What else is thrown at you? Trips to grandma’s? Repeat business trips? Day trips to parks or the pool? Hockey practice? Checklists are just one thing that can help you be prepared for the things you do. No checklist? By working with me we can figure out what else we can do to make your life easier! I’m a phone call or e-mail away.

Then let's play some ball!

Yes! It was snowing!

Ms. Deanna, seated behind me,

had blankets that were team colors.

Very impressive!

Borox used to be my go-to for cleaning the pants.

Other parents told me last year that I was missing

out by not using Oxyclean.

There was at least 2" standing water on the field before it was finally called!

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