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When Organizing Becomes Hard

Many years ago I heard a speaker talk about how easy it was for him to decide to start running every morning. He then pointed out that the hard part was actually doing it – waking up in the morning, getting his running shoes on, and going out, rain or shine – every single day.

Organizing is similar. Deciding to be organized is easy. Getting organized and creating systems for maintaining organization isn’t too hard either (I love that part!), but it can be really hard to change your habits.

I have many clients who tell me about their previous efforts to get organized. Many clients have bought bins and paper sorters and shoe racks and key hooks… They have invested a lot of money in products intended to solve their organizational challenges. But still, they found themselves calling me, still frustrated.

Why don’t those products work? There can be any number of reasons, but even if the tool was designed specifically to meet your needs and habits, it will only work if you use it. That can be hard!

Changing habits for a day or two is easy – but like the runner who has to go out on a snowy morning when he worked late the night before, we all have days that exhaust us. That is when staying organized gets challenging. Like any life goal, missing one day isn’t bad, but when it turns into two, three or four, then the system tends to break down. Like losing weight, organizing takes effort, commitment and time.

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