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Experiences you can put a bow on!

Last year we received a wonderful holiday gift from my childhood friend, Anne. It was four pints of ice cream from their favorite ice cream parlor

in Milwaukee. The ice cream was delicious and such a great surprise! (And my son and I had fun playing with the dry ice that came with it!)

As we come down from Black Friday, I have been thinking about gifts that are more than just objects. Of course giving tickets to see a play, movie, or go to an amusement park are great ways to spend quality time with your loved one, but it can be nice for them to have something to open and play with right away. Here are a few that I think would make great kid gifts. I welcome any other ideas!


As I struggle to learn to cook I came across a simple kids’ cooking subscription. I figured if it was meant for kids I could probably be successful with it. So, in the name of quality mother/son time, I signed up for a 12-month subscription. Each month we receive a box that contains recipes for full meal, simple instructions, a new cooking utensil required for making the meal, questions cards to instigate dinner conversation, and a lot of helpful information.

Single kit - $24.00

12 months - $20 per month


As I packed up a client’s home, I came across all these really neat contraptions. My client said that her father had purchased a monthly subscription to Kiwi Crate for her daughter. Each month a new kit arrives with all the supplies and instructions needed for a specific project. She had made air-powered rockets, a pinball machine powered with gravity and rubber bands, and other really neat things! They offer age-specific packages focused on science, art and engineering. High quality, attractive to kids, and educational!

Single kit - $19.50

12 months - $16.95 per month


Kids that are interested in different cultures might enjoy Little Passports. After receiving a small cardboard suitcase, world map and passport, they will get a letter, souvenir, activity sheets, sticker and a photograph from some country around the world. This company also offers a program that focuses on the 50 states and one called Science Expeditions (prices vary).

Single kit - $14.95

12 months - $12.95 per month

I have not seen these other kits personally, but would love to know if you have experience with one, or what other kits you know about!




This company caught my eye with their Facebook ads. The videos show some really neat experiments! They send two boxes each month with 2 – 3 experiments each. $49.90 per month.

For adults, I ran across this unique site:

It offers hundreds of subscriptions, some focused on activities or consumables, others with items relating to a specific topic. I have not tried this subscription but am not as intrigued with needing to cancel your subscription, versus purchasing one for a set amount of time. It seems awkward if giving as a gift. That said, I am not sure where else to find “the perfect subscription box for the true Ford Mustang enthusiast.” (Starting at $29.95/month)

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