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Solutions Hidden in Plain Sight

Our 65-pound Chocolate Labrador can easily jump onto our bed, and does so frequently. Sometimes, however, he forgets that he is perfectly capable of doing this and instead puts his front paws up and whines until someone lifts his back legs up, just like when he was a puppy. It is sort of cute, but he does it most often in the middle of the night when it is definitely not cute.

I was recently with a client who wasn’t sure how to store items that were not used often. I explained the idea of warm and cold storage. Warm storage spaces are the ones that are most easy to access. That is where you want to put the things you use the most. Cold storage is for the items that you rarely, or may never, need. This is ideal for holiday decorations or taxes that you need to keep, but hopefully never have to look at again. My client was shocked at how much sense it made and yet it was such a simple solution.

Hearing my dog whining to get up on the bed at 3:00 AM that next morning, I thought about what habits I might hang on to because I just don’t look beyond the way it has always been. I think this is why it can be so helpful to hire someone to help with challenges. It can be easy for others to see things that are completely invisible to us.


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