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Move Preparation & Staging
Unpacking & Home Set Up
Ready to show.
Ready to move.
Ready for new family.
Finishing Touches
This client loved her new home but was convinced that the previous owners were basketball players, tall enough to reach clothing rods hung at 6 and 1/2 feet. She did not want to continue reaching for her items and she was also hoping to increase the closet’s capacity. 

Removing the old rod and changing the layout brought everything in reach and, by adding a lower bar, increased space by 50%

Camera Ready

Using existing containers and shelving, items were sorted, consolidated, containerized and labeled to showcase the ample storage space to potential buyers.

Making Sure the Kids Feel at Home Too

The kitchen and bedrooms are usually the first rooms to unpack. Getting a good rest in your own bed with your own sheets, and being able to wake up with a cup of coffee just the way you like it, helps get life off to a good start in your new home. In this case, with three young, active kids, the playroom was almost as crucial as the kitchen and bedrooms. It was one of the last spaces I packed and one of the first to unpack. 

Moving day.
Set up in the new home.
While you were on vacation...

This family had a great creative space for their kids, but when they decided to put the house on the market it had to be scaled back. Not wanting to get the kids worried about the impending move, I came when they were on vacation. Worn out items, such as dried out paint and Play-Doh, were discarded and a number of items were packed for the move. I left enough supplies for the kids to have fun but not so many that it couldn't be quickly picked up before a last-minute showing

We're moving, but don't know when, where, or how...

This family learned that the home they had rented for years was going to be put on the market immediately. They had to plan a move without knowing when the house would sell and, since they decided to buy, when they would find, and close, on a new house. They wanted to be ready to move in case the property sold quickly, but also wanted to keep the home ready for showings at any time. Additionally, they did not want to disrupt their daughter’s routine any more than absolutely necessary.

I helped this family manage their transition by:

  • Creating a packing schedule tailored to causing as little disruption to daily life as possible.

  • Sorting material for the family’s review to avoid moving items they no longer used.

  • Creating a list of specific non-invasive tasks for well-intentioned family and friends who wanted to help.

  • Packing the daughter’s room leaving items that were crucial to her routine accessible, while neatly stacking everything else to maintain a calm, safe environment. 

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