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Reduce Stress with Garage Organization

In our fast-paced lives it’s easy to become overwhelmed with school, work, kids and various obligations. Often our home is the refuge from life’s chaos. That is, until we go out to the garage. Disorganized piles of clutter take over, making it impossible to relax. It’s even difficult to walk through the garage without tripping on the mounds of items in disarray, not to mention the lack of space for your vehicles.

Studies have shown that organization is important for our mental health. According to Psychology Today, “clutter bombards our minds,” explaining the overstimulated feeling that comes over us when we enter a messy room. In addition, misplacing items due to disorganization causes stress and frustration. Free time should be spent doing what you love, not worrying about an unruly garage. Simplify your life and reduce stress with these tips to declutter and organize your garage:

Family Affair: Make the organization process short and efficient by getting the whole family involved. Chores help kids build character, right?

Consolidate: Pull every item in the garage out. Separate your things into 4 piles: keep, sell, donate and trash. Be honest with yourself. If you haven’t used the item in the past year you don’t need it. Be sure to sell the sell pile, give away the donate pile and discard the trash pile promptly. The longer you keep those piles, the more likely they are to stick around.

Storage Solution: Decide a storage solution for the keep pile. Products like garage shelving and garage cabinets will provide a designated place for all your things, making it easier to maintain an organized space. Choose only storage products that ensure durability, longevity and convenience. Also, consider an easy to clean garage flooring alternative to give your space a professional, clean look.

With a clean garage, comes a clean conscience. A methodized and organized space gives homeowners time to focus on things that really matter, such as living a healthy, stress-free and fulfilled life.

For more information and help getting started with garage organization visit:

Get inspired by these garage decluttering before and afters!

Info Source: Psychology Today

Kenady Ghent, Guest Blogger

Kenady works for Monkey Bar Storage, a garage storage and organization company that provides homeowners with efficient products to organize and simplify their lives. Kenady is a recent graduate from BYU-Idaho in Public Relations and Visual Communications. When she's not working, she enjoys outdoor activities, taking pictures, trying new recipes and giving old things a new purpose.

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