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We All Love Swag!

This past week was the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professional's annual conference. It was held in St. Charles, Illinois, at a really neat, quirky place called The Q Center. Past conferences have included large vendor fairs where companies that provide products or services to the organizing professional have booths to marketing their wares and give out samples. This year they did not do that, but we still walked away with some swag!

Already a product that I love, all attendees received a small Time Timer. I love these!

When we feel overwhelmed by a task it is often because we think it will take forever! The Time Timer helps break tasks into manageable time increments. For example, I really need to rake my lawn. To do all of it would take a long time, but doing 20 minutes a day is pretty manageable. While any timer can track 20 minutes for you, the Time Timer provides a visual representation of the passing of time. This product has been an asset to my clients and helped keep my son on track much better than a regular clock or timer.

Another great product we were given is a meori Foldable Box. These sturdy containers can serve many purposes and come in a variety of colors and sizes. I have not used their products before but am impressed with the sturdiness of this collapsable box. I think it will be great for carrying tools when I want to be able to see everything and quickly grab what I need.

And while a pen might not seem exciting, anything from Minnesota-based Smead always makes me smile!

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